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[DECLINED] Slamdunkshaq-BM hunter

IRL-InformationName: JoshAge: 24Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): Working in retail and what a fucking pain it is.From: UKIn-game InformationCharacter name: SlamdunkshaqArmory link:
Member avatar small Shak 177d
Shak3176Small Aghanym 169d

[DECLINED] Xsiv type application

IRL-InformationName: Uri PavlovAge:30 - but you can call me GrandpaGender:Im in a transitional period right now Occupation (School/Work):Health careFrom: Bulgaria originally live in UK nowIn-game InformationCharacter name: Xsív / XsivArmory link:...
Member avatar small Xsiv 172d
Xsiv3146Small Aghanym 169d

[DECLINED] Mistweaver Monk

IRL-InformationName: AnonymousAge: 20Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): Currently searching for a job of some sort.From: DenmarkIn-game InformationCharacter name: NasellaArmory link:
Member avatar small Nasella 174d
Nasella3265Small Aghanym 169d

[DECLINED] Mage Application

IRL-InformationName: AntonisAge: 27Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): Work, software engineer.From: Greece.In-game InformationCharacter name: Ellwy - FrostmaneArmory link:
Member avatar small Antonis 176d
Antonis3115Small Aghanym 169d

[DECLINED] Mage Application

IRL-InformationName: My name is SergeAge: I'm 17 years oldGender: Male.Occupation (School/Work): At the end of my school career.From: I'm from Belgium.In-game InformationCharacter name: My character's name is Incruënte.Armory link: Here's a link t...
Member avatar small Incruente 184d
Incruente2162Small Aghanym 169d

[REMOVED] Disc/Holy priest app

IRL-InformationName: DavidAge: 22Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): Inbetween jobs atmFrom: NorwayIn-game InformationCharacter name: TokidoArmory link: guild: Völkisc...
Member avatar small discostar 194d
discostar3182Member avatar small discostar 193d


IRL-InformationName: ErlingAge: 22Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): In my last year of uni where I am studying CS. I look at open source projects that can use my contribution in my spare time.From: Trondheim, Norway.In-game InformationCharacte...
Member avatar small Shamzaa 205d
Shamzaa2219Small Motozzi 204d

[DECLINED] Warrior Application

IRL-InformationName: Stoica AndreiAge: 22Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): University StudentFrom: RomaniaIn-game InformationCharacter name: PufyArmory link: guil...
Member avatar small Puffex 211d
Puffex2214Small Motozzi 207d

[DECLINED] VDH Application

IRL-InformationName: RăzvanAge: 19Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): StudentFrom: RomaniaIn-game InformationCharacter name: DebionArmory link: guild:The Raven...
Member avatar small Deb 210d
Deb2176Small Motozzi 207d

[DECLINED] Elemental Shaman Application

IRL-InformationName: BrandanAge: 18Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): Apprentice Gas fitterFrom: EnglandIn-game InformationCharacter name: IswiftzArmory link: guild: Sa...
Member avatar small Iswiftz 220d
Iswiftz3222Small Aghanym 217d

[DECLINED] Unholy Death Knight Application

IRL-InformationName: MateuszAge: 23Gender: Male Occupation (School/Work): Unemployed, StudyingFrom: PolandIn-game InformationCharacter name: DedzioArmory link: ArmoryCurrent/Previous guild: Lunatic AsylumReason for why you've left/will leave: I d...
Small Dedzio 220d
Dedzio3237Small Aghanym 217d

[DECLINED] Application

IRL-InformationName: NeaAge: 24Gender: FemaleOccupation (School/Work): Working in restaurantFrom: FinlandIn-game InformationCharacter name: NeanaArmory link: guild:...
Member avatar small Nea 229d
Nea2166Small Motozzi 228d

[DECLINED] Balance Druid Application

IRL-InformationName: SamuelAge: 23Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): Work, part timeFrom: NorwayIn-game InformationCharacter name: SolriiksamArmory link: guild: ...
Member avatar small Solrik 230d
Solrik2202Small Motozzi 228d

[DECLINED] aplication

IRL-InformationName: johnAge: 29Gender: maleOccupation (School/Work): workFrom: romaniaIn-game InformationCharacter name: arthasisnoobArmory link: guild: member b...
Member avatar small warrior/fury 236d
warrior/fury3173Small Aghanym 235d

[DECLINED] Application

IRL-InformationName: Jelle ZanenAge: 27Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): I work 40 hours a week as an accountant, still got 1 night of study every week on mondays.From: The NetherlandsIn-game InformationCharacter name: Infernalfame (unholy / f...
Member avatar small Infernalfame 240d
Infernalfame2159Small Motozzi 240d

[DECLINED] Retribution Paladin application..

IRL-InformationName: Tobias LubrinAge: 23Gender: maleOccupation (School/Work): part time student as Engineering studentFrom: DenmarkIn-game InformationCharacter name: BethizArmory link:
Member avatar small Bethiz 250d
Bethiz 6332Small Cybele 244d

[DECLINED] Timolock - Affliction Lock

IRL-InformationName: FraserAge: 19Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): StudentFrom: Scotland, United KingdomIn-game InformationCharacter name: TimolockArmory link: guil...
Member avatar small fraser500 261d
fraser5003254Small Cybele 254d

[DECLINED] Application

IRL-InformationName: Prasad ShimpukadeAge: 32Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): i have done with my all education up tp post graducation 6 yeasr back and now looking after family business. we are in automobile and engg. parts manufacturing. ha...
Member avatar small Rangelycan 260d
Rangelycan3168Small Cybele 254d


IRL-InformationName: MarcusAge: 22 Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): Im working 6 days a week, but it wont effect raid timesFrom: DenmarkIn-game InformationCharacter name: EqumArmory link:
Member avatar small Equm - MM Hunter 267d
Equm - MM Hunter5297Small Tabulator 266d

[DECLINED] Holy Priest Application

IRL-InformationName: Lauren StephensonAge: 26Gender: FemaleOccupation (School/Work): Work - Self EmployedFrom: Scotland UKIn-game InformationCharacter name: YhasminArmory link:
Member avatar small lauren 274d
lauren0164Member avatar small lauren 274d