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Ole Morten
Name: Ole Morten Martinsen
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Occupation (School/Work): Nothing
From: Norway

In-game Information

Character name: Bananbrus
Armory link:
Current/Previous guild: Clemency
Reason for why you've left/will leave: GM is a dick, 3 day guild... more like 5 day

Past raiding experience in WoW
Describe in words which raiding tiers you've progressed through and with what guild you played in at the time

Vanilla: -
The Burning Crusade: -
Wrath of the Lich King: -
Cataclysm: -
Mist of Pandaria: -
Warlords of Draenor: Nerfed T18, Guild: The Refugees and Clemency

Combatlogs (The only way to tell whether or not we can use you asap in progression or not):

Will you be able to attend all raids? (Wed/Thu/Sun 18;45->23:00)

Misc questions
Do you have a working mic?: Yes
Whats your goal in WoW?: Clear content pre-nerf
How did you find out about FWD?: Suggested from Alterac Deviants
Do you know anyone in FWD?: Gumdrops
What do you expect from FWD?: Nice raid atmosphere, community
What other guilds have you applied to?: None

How do you stay updated about your class?:
Class discord, good friends with lots of the top DHs in the world.

Positive/Negative about you, why should we pick you?:
I dont care about log ranks (MECHANICS > LOGS). I show up prepared on tactics and consumabels. I know my class inside out. I have all relevant legendaries and switch between them depending on the encounter. I learn from mistakes, and can take critiscm.

Link of your current UI during an encounter:
UI screenshot

Battletag: Bananjuice#2121
Skype: Dont have skype

Other: Uhm, the answer to the picture is 17
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