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Hello FWD!

Since I just got back to Legion, after I took a long break, I started to talk to my old friend Tabulator. We talked for a while and after I declared to him that I wanted to start raiding again he encouraged me to apply to you. I currently have 5chars at 110 but they are all on same ilvl (around 880) and same Knowledge/AP level. I got my mage and warrior on RC. Both chars are newly dinged. Only have 1 or 2days on 110 on them.

I´m applying to you as a player and not for my class. So here goes my apply. I´m sorry in advance that it might be a bit long!

Did you just assume my gender? 😠. Jokes aside I´m Male
Occupation (School/Work):
I´m currently going to school and working 50%

In-game Information

Character name:
Kaijuqt /Kaijuqtz
Armory link:
Current/Previous guild:
Last retail guild and private server guild was BIZZNO.
Reason for why you've left/will leave:
The private server we played on died out because a new server got released. The reason I left/stopped on retail was because I didnt enjoy the expansion at all.

Past raiding experience in WoW
Describe in words which raiding tiers you've progressed through and with what guild you played in at the time


In vanilla I raided on two different characters on two diffrent servers and factions. I raided as Nelf huntard on Twisting Nether in <Restless Defenders> and Undead Rogue on Haomarush in <Whipe>
Both guild cleared up to AQ40 Twins and Anub´Rekhan + Instructor Razuvious in Naxxramas. Sadly we didn't clear much more then that because patch 2.0 came out and people didnt wanna raid anymore.

Private servers:
I played on Nostalrius on launch untill the day got shotdown. I rejoined it when they moved over to Elysium but I stopped playing 4months ago.
On Nostalrius and Elysium I played in <Dreamstate> as mage. I got to rank 14 and cleared all content.

Summary of content cleared:
MC 10/10, BWL 8/8, WBosses 6/6 , ZG 10/10, AQ20 6/6, AQ40 8/8, Naxx 3/15

The Burning Crusade:

In Burning Crusade I joined up with my irl friends and the best ally guild from Haomarush. We started out fresh as horde on Karazhan server and our guild was called <KPN>. I mained Blood Elf Paladin and we cleared all content in Tier 4.
The server was really dead and we couldn't find enough people to recruit so the guild went casual and xferd to Kazzak EU. I for myself continued my journey on Stormreaver and joined the Swedish guild <Trolltyg>.
I raided with them whole Tier 5 and Tier 6. After Tier 6 I went back to KPN on Kazzak and we got to Felmyst and we wiped hard and I didn't get to explore more of Sunwell.

Private server:
After Nostalrius died some of us in <Dreamstate> went to the new L4G server that got released shortly after. I only played for 1month then IRL happend and I had to stop. I cleared full T4 with them.

L4G later on got renamed to Hellfire and decided to open up a second realm. I had just stopped raiding on Vanilla and I was still in contact with alot of my friends from BIZZNO. They decided that they should roll there and I joined in.
We cleared T4/T5 in 5weeks and then the server slowly died out. After that I decided that I would stop playing private servers and invest my time on retail once again.

Summary of content cleared:
Kara 11/11, Gruuls 2/2, Maggy 1/1, SSC 6/6, TK 4/4, MH 4/4, BT 9/9, Sunwell 3/6

Wrath of the Lich King:

In the start of WTLK I was still in KPN and we did well in Naxx and Ulduar but sadly the guild disbanded in Ulduar because of casual slack. After that I took small break and came back in Trial of Grand Crusade and I xferd my druid to Ragnaros Alliance and the guild <Fatalis>.
I played with them all the way until ICC HC and then my 10man grp xferd to horde on Shattred Hand. We thought that our guild didn't play that well and tbh our 10man group carried the 25man raiding.

Summary of content cleared:
Naxx 15/15, Malygos 1/1, Sartharion 1/2/3D 1/1, Ulduar 14/14, TOC 5/5, ICC 12/12, Ruby 1/1
Everything was cleared in both 10man and 25man HC. We killed LK with the 10% buff.


In cataclysm I was casual and social for the most part. I got a job that involved a lot of travel so I didn't have time to raid anything. I got back to raiding in Dragon Soul and that's when I joined <Good Game> on Frostmane.

Summary of content cleared:
BWD 6/6, Bastion 4/4, Throne 2/2, Firelands 7/7, DS 8/8

Mist of Pandaria:

At the end of Cataclysm I got scouted by my irl friend that told me to join his new guild. The guild were people that left Ad Infinitum to start a new project. I moved my priest to Neptulon EU and joined <Liquicity>. This is when my WoW Career went really hardcore.
We raided 24/7 for 3months straight and got some nice world kills. We got H: Imperial Vizier Zor'lok (10) world 3 after 300 attempts (to the left to the left, if you ever played that boss...). 1day before we got down Sha of fear I went to USA for holiday so I didn't get the kill until way later :(. Best % before I left was 3%!
I came home again 2weeks before ToT but the guild was kind of dead. It was hard to have a core of 10 people always be available to play. Some went to studies and some got tired of the game. I joined the people that were left in Ad Infinitum as social and I didn't raid much.
In Siege of Ogrimmar I xferd to Ravencrest and joined the new guild BIZZNO that the Liquicity members started.

Summary of content cleared:
MSV 7/7, HOF 6/6, Terrace 4/4, ToT 12/12, SoG 10/14.
I didnt kill Siege,Klaxxi,Garrox,Spoils on Mythic. I didnt have that great of gear on my char at that time.

Warlords of Draenor:

I started of as social and BIZZNO but didn't get any raidspot. I went on to join <Anxious> and thats where I met Tabulator. I stopped after we killed blackhand heroic when the guild disbanded and then I saw some stream of Nostalrius and I started playing there instead. I did comeback in the end of WOD because I was gonna join BIZZNO again for Legion. But I made a mistake and got banned from WOW for 6 months 😇and when I got back BIZZNO had disbanded and left to play Elysium private server.

Summary of content cleared:
Highmaul 6/7M, BF 10/10HC. HFC 0/13

Current/previous guilds I want to mention:

Liquicity and Bizzno are the same guilds. My character name was Kaijuqt or some variations of it. I mained DK/Priest.

<BIZZNO> Ravencrest EU - World top 32 Tier 17 -
<Liquicity> Neptulon EU - World top 9 (10man) Tier 14 -
<GoodGame> Frostmane EU - World top 40 ( I raided there in Cataclysm) - Raided as feral named Legobamsé
<Dreamstate> Nostalrius - Server 1# - We owned in every aspect.

Combatlogs (The only way to tell whether or not we can use you asap in progression or not):
All my loggs are from WOD or MOP. So I doubt they are avaible or even relevant right now.

Will you be able to attend all raids? (Wed/Thu/Sun 18;45->23:00)
Yes I´m available to raid all those days.

Misc questions
Do you have a working mic?:
Whats your goal in WoW?:
I´ve always strived to improve myself and become better then I am. Now that I´m back to Legion my goal is to clear content and fight in the top on the server and world. I´m very competitive person :)
How did you find out about FWD?:
From Tabulator.
Do you know anyone in FWD?:
Tabulator. I ´ve seen some other familiar names aswell that I played with in Anxious and BIZZNO. But I doubt they remember me :P.
What do you expect from FWD?:
A serious raiding guild where I learn to love and enjoy retail raiding once again.
What other guilds have you applied to?:
How do you stay updated about your class?:
Alter Time Forums
Simc forums.

Positive/Negative about you, why should we pick you?:
If you invite me you will have a person that is very dedicated,social,friendly and willing to that little extra to improve the raid.
I might be a bit competitive sometimes. Mostly when I play other FPS games thou. I´ve chilled down abit in WoW.

Link of your current UI during an encounter:

Battletag: Kaiju#2272
Discord: Kaijuqt#6429

I´m aware of that I´m behind on gear and AP level. But I like the challenge and to have something to do. If/when I get accepted and we agree on class I will focus on it 100% to get up to date with AP/Gear.

I think I got everything written down and I feel somewhat satisfied with my application. There might be some spelling issues and what not.

And ye MC Donalds shizzle is 25.
Hela havet stormar
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accepted. /w any officer for inv
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