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#13277283 Jun 01, 2017 at 08:37 PM
Name: Nick
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Occupation (School/Work): College
From: UK

In-game Information

Character name: Nhollae
Armory link:
Current/Previous guild: Ethic
Reason for why you've left/will leave: Doesn't look like they will be taking me at all for TOS progression as they already have 2 mages and both of them have been in the guild far longer than I have.

Past raiding experience in WoW
Describe in words which raiding tiers you've progressed through and with what guild you played in at the time

Vanilla: NONE
The Burning Crusade: NONE
Wrath of the Lich King: NONE
Cataclysm: NONE
Mist of Pandaria: NONE
Warlords of Draenor: Only really started raiding at the end of WOD. Since legion I've plated 81days on my Mage alone.

Combatlogs (The only way to tell whether or not we can use you asap in progression or not):

Will you be able to attend all raids? (Wed/Thu/Sun 18;45->23:00) Yes. I will have a very high attendance.

Misc questions
Do you have a working mic?: Yes I do.
Whats your goal in WoW?: To get Cutting Edge progression each tier.
How did you find out about FWD?: wowprogress/ seeing people in game.
Do you know anyone in FWD?: No I don't think so.
What do you expect from FWD?: People to help each other out and nice progression when raiding.
What other guilds have you applied to?: Group Therapy as they were in need of a mage just a few days ago but they already got a trial in :P

How do you stay updated about your class?: Altered Time fourm page. Lots of PTR testing. Discord and Warcraftlogs.

Positive/Negative about you, why should we pick you?:
-I'm a friendly chap who likes to help others.
-Will be on even if benched to replace for extra pulls.
-I've got a positive attitude and hope to share it aswell.
-I know practically everything there is to know about my class.
-I'm actually studying art graphic style of work i can make pretty much anything if needed for the guild.
-Well prepared for anything that i need to face.

Link of your current UI during an encounter:

Battletag: nhollae#2127
Skype: nicholas hollas

Other: Thank you.
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MCdank = 25
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declined, we decided to go with another option.
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