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#13276721 Jun 01, 2017 at 03:20 PM
Age: 22
Gender: M
Occupation (School/Work): Uni and part time worker
From: China/HK, currently in Sweden

In-game Information

Character name: Duturu
Armory link:
Current/Previous guild: Epilogue-Sylvanas
Reason for why you've left/will leave: People not being able to handle criticism, taking too long before pull because people want to talk, no adaptaion. Otherwise everything was fine and fun.

Past raiding experience in WoW
Describe in words which raiding tiers you've progressed through and with what guild you played in at the time

Vanilla: -
The Burning Crusade: -
Wrath of the Lich King: -
Cataclysm: -
Mist of Pandaria: -
Warlords of Draenor: -

Combatlogs (The only way to tell whether or not we can use you asap in progression or not):

Will you be able to attend all raids? (Wed/Thu/Sun 18;45->23:00)
Previous guild had same raid times, I will bring 100% attendance.

Misc questions
Do you have a working mic?: Y
Whats your goal in WoW?: Kill bosses, upload videos and feel good about myself
How did you find out about FWD?: Wowprogress
Do you know anyone in FWD?: N
What do you expect from FWD?: During progress if something goes wrong and the person gets called out. Do not randomly shout, check logs and if they are right you apologize. If you are right, they apologize. I want a smooth progress with as little bullshit as possible. Random jokes and fun times is not counted as bullshit though.
What other guilds have you applied to?: None

How do you stay updated about your class?: I check patches, try them out on ptr, post on mage forums and discord about them and see what others have to say about it.

Positive/Negative about you, why should we pick you?:
I'm a min-maxer. I strive to do the most dps possible.
100% attendance.
Asian no lifer.
Hilarious jokes, clown irl.
I can make mage food.

Relatively new to the game. (Didn't know what prepot was for example)
Since I'm asian I have trouble pronouncing stuff and my swenglish doesnt sound too gucci.
Arcane Mage.

Link of your current UI during an encounter:
I don't use any addons except dbm and skada.

Battletag: Steamie#1689
Skype: I currently use discord but will use whatever you guys are using.

Got some killvideos: - Krosus - Botanist - Starboi
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Forgot to add the mc donalds reply: 25.
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