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Motozzi / Jan 12, 2017

After 2% wipe pre-7.1.5 we touched Helya with our blind sticks and she sank to the bottom of the sea.

Immersive filler raid. Cya in nighthold.


Quote from recruitment thread on realmforums:

Bit of an information about the status of the guild in general now with the new year and all!

We always suffer during christmas(as a guild) cause 3-4x of our longterm raiders have trips planned elsewhere for the duration of over a month, making it really hard to progress just about anything from december -> mid january.

ToV did not go as we wanted it to go, due to the guild having a transitionperiod where we basically replaced every single healer we had aside from our healingofficer, simply due to the standards not being high enough.

Alongside recruiting and testing new healers, and kicking old ones, we also had a few ppl from the rangedcore since BRF, that have had to put their focus outside of the game and stop to play. This all added up and made helya a cluster!@#$, and basically "un-progressable" for the most part up until about right after new years.

The rank we got on Helya reflects the changes in the healing/ranged core in combination with it being christmas. Whats important now is that we've stabilized, and are looking for that one last ranged dps, and possibly another healer, and we'll smack gul'dan to betlehem once again!

Aghanym / Oct 21, 2016

(Try to find the hidden spanish guy)

So we've finally cleared emerald nightmare while ending up in a sub 200 world rank which was our set goal before the tier.

This is met with mixed feelings as every single raider on ravencrest(and some other realms) got caught by an insane amount of lag last week, effectively ruining more than half of our raidhours throughout that week.

We did however pull through, and now were looking for 1-2 more DPS for Nighthold. Having a Tank offspec/Healer offspec is a big +