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[DECLINED] Resto Shaman Application

We decided to go with another option. Wish you good luck in searching for a guild.
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[DECLINED] Mage Application - Duturu

IRL-InformationName:Age: 22Gender: MOccupation (School/Work): Uni and part time workerFrom: China/HK, currently in SwedenIn-game InformationCharacter name: Duturu Armory link:
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[DECLINED] Frost Mage Application

IRL-InformationName: NickAge: 17Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): CollegeFrom: UKIn-game InformationCharacter name: NhollaeArmory link: guild: EthicReason for why y...
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[DECLINED] Holy/disc priest

IRL-InformationName: SvetlanaAge: 29Gender: FemaleOccupation (School/Work): Don't work atm.From: RussiaIn-game InformationCharacter name: OffcaArmory link: guild: Esoter...
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[DECLINED] Restoration Druid Application

IRL-InformationName: MariaAge: 27Gender: femaleOccupation (School/Work): QA engineer in IT companyFrom: BulgariaIn-game InformationCharacter name: ElizineArmory link: g...
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[DECLINED] Deame - Mage application

IRL-InformationName: Preben HAge: 21Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): TV installerFrom: NorwayIn-game InformationCharacter name: DeameArmory link: guild: Stark In...
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[DECLINED] Brewmaster Monk Application

IRL-InformationName: RayAge: 20Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): SchoolFrom: The NetherlandsIn-game InformationCharacter name: AallessiaArmory link: guild: Proje...
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[DECLINED] Havoc Demon Hunter Application

IRL-InformationName: Bar Pasichny.Age: 20.Gender: Male.Occupation (School/Work): Studying at university.From: Israel.In-game InformationCharacter name: ChaosavatarArmory link:
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[DECLINED] Resto Shaman Application

IRL-InformationName: JonAge: Way to old (28)Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): EconomistFrom: DenmarkIn-game InformationCharacter name: RaziyahArmory link: guild:Re...
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[DECLINED]Frost DK Application

IRL-InformationName: AntonAge: 20Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): UniversityFrom: SwedenIn-game InformationCharacter name: Darkicy-HellscreamArmory link: guild: R...
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[DECLINED]havoc DH application

IRL-InformationName: NicolaAge: 23Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): Studying atmFrom: BelgiumIn-game InformationCharacter name: ConviqArmory link: seems to be down or bugged ...
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[DECLINED]Guardian Druid Application Form

IRL-InformationName: HamadAge: 21Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): Uni StudentFrom: UAEIn-game InformationCharacter name: BearlfArmory link: guild: InsightReason for wh...
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[DECLINED] Application

IRL-InformationName: KeithAge:27Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): WorkFrom: NetherlandsIn-game InformationCharacter name: KealdenArmory link: guild: Blood MoneyRe...
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[DECLINED] Colgateplax- RDudu

IRL-InformationName: Slayer9000 aka. RafalAge: InfiniteGender: MayoneseOccupation (School/Work): Too good to be employedFrom: EarthIn-game InformationCharacter name: ColgateplaxArmory link:
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[DECLINED] Restodruid

IRL-InformationName: Robert Age: 31Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): Warehouse. Currently on sickleave for a foreseeable futureFrom: SwedenIn-game InformationCharacter name: HurrpeaceArmory link:
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[DECLINED] Application (enhance sham)

IRL-InformationName: DennisAge: 20Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): I only have free time, and will continue to have so a really long time forward.From: SwedenIn-game InformationCharacter name: Hult-RavencrestArmory link:
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[DECLINED] Frost Death Knight

IRL-InformationName: OliverAge: 19Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): Substitute teacher for 1st till 6th grade at this pointFrom: Denmark, KoldingIn-game InformationCharacter name: Shatia-Tarren MillArmory link:
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IRL-InformationName: DimitarAge: 24Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): Free xDFrom: BulgariaIn-game InformationCharacter name: PhoenixgodxArmory link: guild: Ner...
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[DECLINED] Myriam's Application ( Blood DK )

IRL-InformationName:NikoAge:28Gender:MaleOccupation (School/Work):Master student in Utrecht University (Business)From:GreeceIn-game InformationCharacter name:Myr├ČamArmory link:
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[DECLINED] Application 903 eqp Fury Warrior. 914 in bags.

IRL-InformationName: VetleAge: 20Gender: MaleOccupation (School/Work): Currently unemployed as I've had some health issues in the past. All is good now though so not to worry :) ...From: NorwayIn-game InformationCharacter name: QelruzArmory link: ...
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