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#13183348 Apr 10, 2017 at 12:09 PM
First of all, I hope I'm putting this app the right place.

Name: Nanna
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Occupation (School/Work): Studying
From: Denmark

In-game Information

Character name: Théomere
Armory link: I have a big bag full of extra gear, which I change around to optimize legendaries, trinkets and stats, but unless I equip a crappy trinket, my ilvl stays around 905-906. I’ve been unlucky with gear compared to my 912-915 co-healers.

Current/Previous guild: Goodlookin-Auchindoun

Reason for why you've left/will leave: While the progression has been alright, I’ve simply come to realize that I don’t particularly enjoy the people in the guild, and especially not the healing team. Of the 4 other people on the healing team, 1 doesn’t speak, 1 only speaks to ridicule what you say, 1 I can’t stand and the last one I do like, but he also happens to be the GM and very busy. It makes for some boring progress when you’re wiping in the same place constantly, and frustrating discussions in the healing channel in Discord – that is those few times someone says anything there. As for outside the healing team, I would have to be a 22yo angry Norwegian boy to fit in here, which, sadly, I’m not. They also make a very big deal out of me being female, which does not help making me feel less ostracized. It’s not anything big, but rather several small things that bug me. So, while I’ve only really clashed with one person here, I find that after 2 months, I still feel like a newcomer and this seems unlikely to change. While I don’t need to be buddy-buddy with everyone in a guild or make BFFs, I would like to feel like a part of it and not an outsider.

Past raiding experience in WoW
Describe in words which raiding tiers you've progressed through and with what guild you played in at the time

I don’t remember most of the names of the casual guilds I’ve been in and I don’t think they would mean anything to you, so I haven’t gone back to try and figure them out, I hope that’s OK.

The Burning Crusade: I started playing when BC was released and noobed around on my rogue for the entire expansion, spending a lot of time lvling and gathering mats for the Nightshroud set which, when I finally had all the pieces, was too low lvl for me. I cleared Karazhan once and we had a disastrous attempt at Zul’Gurub.

Wrath of the Lich King: Lead some casual guild runs and pugged every raid at every difficulty while in a social guild, playing resto shaman at the time, until Ulduar came out. I then joined a cross-guild raiding community to clear Ulduar25, which was my first experience with regular raiding but terribly impersonal. I then joined a Danish raiding guild to clear TotC with, but it disbanded before ICC came out and I took a break from the game.

Cataclysm: Returned when Dragon Soul was out, on my resto druid, joined a casual raiding guild which I become an officer in. We cleared DS normal and HC from scratch in a few months, but our guild fell apart in MoP

Mist of Pandaria: Progressed in MSV, guild disbanded towards the end of HC and I took a break, returned to ToT, at which point I made a 10-man raiding guild with a few friends. We made it to around the end of HC ToT before the guild fell apart because of the low population on the server making it extremely difficult to recruit anyone. However, one of the raiders had introduced us all to combatlogging and it turned out that I was pretty good, earning several top 10 ranks for resto druids in normal ToT. This motivated me to try and go more hardcore, and I applied and was accepted into Questionable Ethics, who’d been top 10 in Firelands (if I remember right) whom I cleared SoO with up until Siegemaster HC, at which point the guild fell apart. I applied for and was accepted into Flat Earth Society, who was rank 25 10-man team at the time. I stayed there for almost a year, making the transition to 25man team with them. While doing SoO on my resto druid with FeS I helped out a friend to progress his guild on my resto shaman. FeS disbanded in BRF.

Warlords of Draenor: I came back to HFC where I joined the guild of an acquaintance on my resto shaman, since they already had 2 resto druids at the time. The leadership in that guild was the worst leadership I’ve encountered in my 11 years playing WoW and I left shortly before Archimonde mythic to join Dark Ritual. I stayed with Dark Ritual on Auchindoun for almost a year, finishing HFC, clearing EN and starting NH, until it disbanded its raid team in the beginning of february this year. I then joined another guild on the server, Goodlookin, where I’ve been raiding since. Goodlookin killed mythic Elisande last night, I had about 65 wipes on it but had to sit out on the 2nd half of the raid due to shitty internet connection, which is a rarity for me.

Combatlogs (The only way to tell whether or not we can use you asap in progression or not):

Will you be able to attend all raids? (Wed/Thu/Sun 18;45→23:00) Every other sunday I won’t be available until 21-21:30. Otherwise, yes.

Misc questions
Do you have a working mic?: Yes

Whats your goal in WoW?: To be challenged to improve my healing (=to have fun).

How did you find out about FWD?: I looked for very active alliance raiding servers and stumbled upon you.

Do you know anyone in FWD?: I have actually boosted m+ with Derwinn a couple of times, but I didn’t realize he was in your guild until right before I was going to post this application and I haven’t told him I’m applying.

What do you expect from FWD?: Steady progression and room enough to push my healing. As for my hopes, I hope for a decent raid environment and to be a part of something.

What other guilds have you applied to?: None at the moment.

How do you stay updated about your class?: I perform my own tests with different stats and different gear and I check up various guides and healing forums when changes occur. I’m a part of the Dreamgrove discord but rarely find it to be of any use. They have some decent pinned post but the chat is BS. I also spend a lot of time looking at logs of other resto druids, it’s a part of my preparation to every new boss.

Positive/Negative about you, why should we pick you?: I’ve played this game for a very long time and raided for almost as long in many different environments, meaning that I know myself quite well as a raider, and what I want from myself and the team I’m on.
I’m a fast learner, I don’t have a habit of making the same mistake more than twice. I’m very motivated by healing meters and as a result I always try my best, be it farm, LFR or progression. When I do bad, I sit down and thoroughly look through the logs to find things I can change for the better. However, my meter-whoring should of course never hurt the progression of the raid team – if the tank needs heavy healing from me, I’ll buckle down and provide some heavy tank-healing. I have 8/10 resto legendaries (missing wrists and gloves) at the moment and change my gear along with talents depending on the fight and healing team.
A downside to this is that I don’t enjoy performing tasks that will drastically lower my healing, like running with the small group on Chronomatic (which is not just the time spent away from the main group but having to choose talents and gear suited for healing a small group, when the fight mostly consists of raid-wide damage). I will of course do it during progression for the good of the team, but I will be very sad about doing it and when we have it on farm, I will ask for the task to be rotated, so that I won’t have to do it every time. I also hate running with too many healers on a fight and as a result, I often tank or DPS PuGs. My boomer DPS is not good enough for mythic, but I have tanked NH M on farm once.
When it comes to progression and wiping I’m very patient and positive and usually one of the last to leave a raid team when times go bad. All the leading I wanted to do, I did a long time ago and now I’m happy to lean back and let someone else run the show – as long as as my tranqs don’t get put in stupid places!
I’m a big fan of farming m+, have spent a decent amount of time boosting, and have farmed far most of my AP through them.
Overall, I’ve spent a lot of time on my resto druid this expansion and whereas I had 3 mythic-geared and well-functioning healer-alts in HFC, my shaman and monk are now only good enough for HC alt runs and the rest are still sitting at lvl 100 – so far. It’s a farm-dependent expansion and I’ve chosen to give my resto druid a few more facets in healing instead of splitting my attention to other speccs or characters. For this reason my loot specc will not be changed to guardian or boomer until I have my last 2 resto legendaries.

Link of your current UI during an encounter: - Looking at it now, I realize it’s a bit more messy than I thought, I’ll probably move some things around. Like my innervate being tracked 4 different places might be overkill.

Battletag: PanNan#2266

I believe the answer to your question is 25.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
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#13183628 Apr 10, 2017 at 03:10 PM
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So. what do you think about Derwin?
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#13183898 Apr 10, 2017 at 05:45 PM
Boosting m+ with Derwinn is always a relief! It's one person less whose performance to worry about. He doesn't fuck up tacts, doesn't ninja-pull and when we boosted DHT 10-13 last reset, he punched out more than 1M average DPS over each dungeon, which I was quite impressed with.
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#13183929 Apr 10, 2017 at 05:58 PM
Actually, my bad, that DHT was with another hunter I know, Deathrunx. So sorry. My other words still stand by Derwinn tho.
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#13184254 Apr 10, 2017 at 08:55 PM · Edited 3 months ago
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Will you be able to attend all raids? (Wed/Thu/Sun 18;45→23:00) Every other sunday I won’t be available until 21-21:30. Otherwise, yes.

this is for us the major issue, being able to effectively only raid 2/3 raids a week in a 3day raidingguild

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#13184314 Apr 10, 2017 at 09:43 PM
Well, technically 10/12 raids a month, since it's every other week. But I understand that it's an issue. It's family dinner, not something I can move or not show up to
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#13185125 Apr 11, 2017 at 07:54 AM
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For me theyre the same thing, and we dont want to recruit for a fifth healer fillerspot but for a 100% mainspot in a 4heal comp,

Will wait and see what tab thinks regardless

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#13185402 Apr 11, 2017 at 11:38 AM
No, we will not wait for Tab, then :) I do not want to go anywhere there is not consensus among the officers about me joining. I have also received an offer from someone else despite me not applying. So, I would like you to consider my application here withdrawn. Thank you for spending the time looking it through, I will not say it was wasted for I would have liked to join. I wish you all the very best of progress in the future!
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